Policy and Regulation

Countries of the EU provide financial support to farmers in two ways:

Common Agricultural Policy Pillar 1 - targeted direct support to farmers.  This is a basic payment per hectare, harmonised according to national or regional economic or administrative criteria (the Basic Payment Scheme, BPS).  There is a 'greening' component that varies between member states, as support to offset the cost of providing public goods not remunerated by the market.

Agroforestry Research


In the 1970s, research on agroforestry in the UK and Ireland occurred in a piecemeal manner.  Due to difficulties in applying conclusions from isolated experiments across the countries, it was decided to establish experimental sites to carry out research on silvopastoral agroforestry based on experiments with common protocols.  This was the Silvopastoral National Network Experiment.

Reports and Technical Guides


Reports on EURAF and FWF conferences from Farm Woodland Forum members who have obtained bursaries to attend them are available to read. 

Other reports, either by the Farm Woodland Forum or its members, on topics of relevance to farm woodlands are also available.

Practical information on agroforestry and farm woodlands for growers is accessible here.

If you have a report or technical guide that you think would be relevant, please contact us.


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