Reports and Technical Guides


Reports on EURAF and FWF conferences from Farm Woodland Forum members who have obtained bursaries to attend them are available to read. 

Other reports, either by the Farm Woodland Forum or its members, on topics of relevance to farm woodlands are also available.

Practical information on agroforestry and farm woodlands for growers is accessible here.  Reports on visits to agroforestry sites as part of the Annual Meetings of the Farm Woodland Forum can be found under 'Meetings'. 

If you have a report or technical guide that you think would be relevant, please contact us.


2012 FWF meeting

Reports and Guides

A model tool, similar in style to Hi-SAFE, the Farm Tree Tool has been developed at the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands.  It offers a simple interface to enter agronomic, finance and design details of an agroforestry system.  Once entered, the model is run and a series of graphs are...

A woodland herbivore impact assessment method developed by Scottish Forestry/Coilltearachd na h-Alba for landowners in Scotland to evaluate the impact of grazing cattle in their woodlands.  April 2023 version. 

A Farm Woodland Forum webinar presented on 15th August 2023.

A Farm Woodland Forum webinar presented on 18th July 2023.

A Farm Woodland Forum webinar presented on 15th May 2023.

Podcast on agroforestry, with list of other resources.  (Note: this is from an organisation external to the Farm Woodland Forum).  

Report by Jim O'Neill, Forestry Commission, based on his presentation to the Agri-TechE webinar on Agroforestry on 8th October 2020

Evidence base for agroforestry and potential carbon-neutral livestock systems: a 30-years replicated trial comparing grassland, silvopastoral and woodland systems in Northern Ireland

Presentation made by Jim McAdam to the Carbon Farming Initiatives in Europe 2nd Roundtable - 23/...

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