Reports and Technical Guides

2012 FWF meeting


Reports on EURAF and FWF conferences from Farm Woodland Forum members who have obtained bursaries to attend them are available to read. 

Other reports, either by the Farm Woodland Forum or its members, on topics of relevance to farm woodlands are also available.

Practical information on agroforestry and farm woodlands for growers is accessible here.

If you have a report or technical guide that you think would be relevant, please contact us.


Reports and Guides

Silvopastoral agroforestry at Loughgall

Evidence base for agroforestry and potential carbon-neutral livestock systems: a 30-years replicated trial comparing grassland, silvopastoral and woodland systems in Northern Ireland

Presentation made by Jim McAdam to the Carbon Farming Initiatives in Europe 2nd Roundtable - 23/...

Article by Philip Gorden and Kate Holl summarising a trip to the Spanish dehesa silvopastoral systems and the relevance of these to the integration of trees and livestock in the UK

Silvohorticultural planting at Shillingford Organics

Article on Vegetable Agroforestry Systems in the UK published in the Horticulturist in spring 2020, written by Pippa Green based on her work for the Royal Horticultural Society's Master of Horticulture MHORT(RHS) qualification.

Features forestry consultant Stephen Adlard (SAC) talking to Dr Fritha Langford (SRUC), an animal behaviour and welfare researcher.

The Agroforestry Innovation Networks (AFINET project was established to foster exchange and knowledge transfer between scientists and practitioners involved in agroforestry. Read and download the project factsheets on a range of agroforestry innovations across Europe here.

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