The Farm Woodland Forum

The Farm Woodland Forum aims to facilitate the generation and exchange of information that supports best practice in and improves opportunities for farming with trees.  We are an informal group of farmers, foresters and researchers with a common interest in farming with trees in all its aspects.

The Forum holds annual meetings at which there are presentations to describe the latest research, development and practice related to agroforestry and farming with trees, these meetings include field visits to agroforestry sites.  Farm Woodland Forum membership offers the opportunity for members to participate in rich and topical discussions about agroforestry through JISC mail forums.  A range of leading organisations in agroforestry are represented through the Farm Woodland Forum including the Soil Associations, the Woodland Trust, the Organic Research Centre and many more.  

You can discover more about becoming a member of the Forum via the membership page.  Get a taste of what the Forum is about by exploring our resources, and look over reports from previous annual meetings in preparation for the next one.

Farm Woodland Forum members visiting a farm as part of the annual meeting