Forthcoming Events

  • Annual Meeting of the Farm Woodland Forum 2021 Tuesday 8th June 2021

    The annual meeting, on the theme Agroforestry in Brexit Landscapes, will be held on-line.


    Provisional Programme

    Welcome (Tim Pagella, Chair of the Farm Woodland Forum)

    Role of agroforestry and hedges in UK climate change targets (Indra Thillainathan, Climate Change Committee)

    Agroforestry vision (to be confirmed)

    Forestry Commission support for agroforestry in England (Jim O'Neill, Forestry Commission)

    Questions and Answers


    Summary of relevant research (to be confirmed)

    Different landscapes in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland (Mike Strachan, Tim Pagella, Jim McAdam, Ian Short)

    Questions and Answers

    Concluding remarks (Tim Pagella)

  • Annual General Meeting of the Farm Woodland Forum Wednesday 9th June 2021

    The Annual General Meeting of members of the Farm Woodland Forum will be held online on Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 16:00 hrs.  

    Details of how to attend this 'virtual' meeting will be posted later.

  • Trees for the Future - Diversity and Complexity for Resilience and Carbon Storage Wednesday 3rd November 2021 to Thursday 4th November 2021

    Meeting of the Association of Applied Biologists.

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