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Farm Woodland Forum Data Protection Policy

This policy relates to the personal data that FWF holds.

  1. FWF holds names (Forename and Surname) (where given) and email addresses for people who have declared an interest in remaining on the Farm Woodland Forum JiscMail email forum. and who have provided their data and confirmed that they are content that we hold it as set out below.
  2. FWF also holds names (Forename and  Surname) (where given), email addresses, home and/or work addresses and telephone numbers of current FWF members who provided their data when they applied to join the Farm Woodland Forum.
  3. Personal data in the form of names and email addresses is held in electronic form on a subscriber list in Jiscmail.
  4. Personal data of current Farm Woodland Forum members in the form of names, email addresses and home and/or work addresses are held in electronic form on an Excel spreadsheet on a restricted drive on a secure computer server at SRUC which is protected with up to date virus and web guards and is only accessible by the membership secretary.
  5. Personal data are held to:
    1. Allow members of the FWF to send out information, queries and create discussion relating to farm woodlands and agroforestry to the the rest of the forum members via JiscMail.
    2. Notify mail list subscribers of events and publications related to the Farm Woodland Forum and to inform subscribers of other events and projects related to farm woodlands and agroforestry.
  6. Farm Woodland Forum Executive Committee members' names, and addresses are held on a secure computer server at SRUC and are on the Farm Woodland Forum website (
  7. FWF will never pass on personal data to a third party or use personal data in a way not described in the policy above (no. 5).
  8. FWF requests 'opt in' consent from anyone wishing to be included on the JiscMail mailing list.
  9. FWF uses JIscMail as a simple, effective means of sending information to people who have opted into our mailing list.

JiscMail provides a service for the UK Education and Research communities that enables the sending of email-based information to email discussion lists. 

For further information on JiscMail and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) see

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