Case Studies in Agroforestry

Silvoarable agroforestry with apple and broad beans

Below are a few case studies that represent the potential of agroforestry in the UK.  For additional information, see the relevant links in each case study or search in Agricology for more examples. More examples can be found in 'Agroforestry near you', allowing you to find a practitioner in your neighbourhood.

Case Studies

A relatively recent pioneer in agroforestry in the UK is Stephen Briggs of Abacus Agriculture, who runs Whitehall Farm.  The main agroforestry approach is silvoarable with apple trees amongst a rotation of oats.  The additional produce from the apple trees had led to the creation of Harvest Barn...

One of the first examples of a silvoarable system in the UK, Wakelyns in Fressingfield, Suffolk, was planted by Professor Martin Wolfe around 1994, with subsequent plantings in 2001.  It has produced a bounty of research.  In recent years it has become a model of farm enterprise diversity,...

Coppiced hedge

Ross Dickinson of Racedown Farm, Dorset, used to have hedges that were flailed annually.  He converted them to a system of coppicing on a fifteen-year cycle.  Ross shows how the conversion was carried out, and demonstrates that it is an economically viable system.

Crimson clover and apple in silvoarable agroforestry

Fruit trees improve land and productivity: A case study of Martyn Bragg's vegetable agroforestry system at Shillingford Organics in Devon

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