Annual Meeting 2007


Trees for Farm & Community - Post Decoupling

This meeting provided an opportunity for presentations, field visits and discussion on how decoupling of agricultural support away from production will create opportunities for trees to play a more central role in Land Use Systems. The theme of the meeting was to highlight the options available for farmers to utilise trees and woods plants and to consider ways in which the wider rural community can benefit.


Tuesday 26th June - Thursday 28th June 2007


The Rural College and Derrynoid Centre, Draperstown, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The Venue is a purpose built educational/conference/recreational centre located in a state forest in the heart of Northern Ireland. The Rural College has been operational for 10 years and delivers, among other things, a part-time Diploma/MSc in Rural Development.

Programme - papers presented

  • Session 1: Trees in the community
    • Space for Nature-Engaging the rural Community. P. Cregg (The Woodland Trust)
    • Measuring synergies and tensions in the use of Community Woodlands. P. Burgess, O. Agbenyega and M. Cook (Cranfield Univ)


  • Session 2: Trees and ecosystem services
    • A European perspective on silvopasture and waste nutrient management. R. Mosquera (University of Santiago de Compostela)
    • The Capacity of Willow to consume effluents and sludges. M. Doran (Rural Generation Ltd)


  • Session 3: Multiple uses of woody crops
    • Trends in European timber and fuelwood markets and implications for the UK. G. Lawson (Research Councils UK)
    • Farm Forestry, wood energy and the future. G. O'Sullivan (South Western Forestry Services)
    • Wood biomass crops for energy and agriculture. L. Easson (AFBI)


  • Session 4: Woodlands on Farms
    • The role of FWAG in promoting farm woodlands. R. Ruddell (FWAG)


The July 2007 issue of the Farm Woodland Forum Newsletter contains reports of the papers presented at the Annual Meeting. There are also reports of the field visits, including photographs.

Organised for the Farm Woodland Forum by

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute and Queen's University, Belfast.

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