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The Forestry Commission published a Bulletin authored by members of the Forum in 2000.


Agroforestry in the UK - Bulletin 122
Edited by Max Hislop and Jenny Claridge


  • Introduction Max Hislop and Fergus Sinclair
  • Historical Context Roger Sheldrick and Daniel Auclair
  • Understanding and management of interactions Fergus Sinclair and John Hooker

Best Practice and Current Research

  • Trees for Agroforestry Systems Arnold Beaton and Max Hislop
  • Grazing in Agroforestry Systems Jim McAdam and Alan Sibbald
  • Pigs and Poultry in Agroforestry Systems Mark Brownlow; Peter Carruthers and Peter Dorward
  • Arable Crops in Agroforestry Systems Lynton Incoll and Steve Newman

Environmental Impacts

  • Environmental Impacts Jim McAdam
  • Agroforestry in the Landscape Simon Bell

Economic and Social Impacts

  • The social implications of agroforestry Chris Doyle
  • The economics of agroforestry in the UK Terry Thomas and Bob Willis

Contact addresses for authors:

  • Roger Sheldrick IGER, North Wyke, Devon
  • Daniel Auclair Unité de Modelisation des Plantes, INRA-CIRAD, Montpellier, France
  • Arnold Beaton Tihill Economic Forestry; Farnharn, Surrey
  • Jim McAdam DANI Belfast
  • Alan Sibbald MLURl, Aberdeen
  • Mark Brownlow Institute für Agrarokonomik, Universitat für Bodenkultur Vienna, Austria
  • Peter Carruthers Centre for Agricultural Strategy, University of Reading
  • Peter Dorward Department of Agriculture, University of Reading
  • Steve Newman Biodiversity International Ltd., Buckingham
  • Lynton Incoll School of Biology, University of Leeds
  • Fergus Sinclair, Terry Thomas, Rob Willis School of Agriculture and Forest Science, University of Wales, Bangor
  • John Hooker Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen
  • Simon Bell Forestry Practice Division, Forestry Commission, Edinburgh
  • Chris Doyle Scottish Agricultural College, Auchincruive

Agroforestry in the UK (2000) Edinburgh, Forestry Commission

Access here

Temperate Agroforestry Systems 2nd Edition

Edited by: Andrew M Gordon, Steven M Newman and Brent R W Coleman

Chapter 4. Agroforestry in the UK (S M Newman, D J Pilbeam and S Briggs)

Chapter 5. Temperate agroforestry: the European way (C Dupraz, G J Lawson, N Lamersdorf, V P Papanastasis, A Rosati and J Ruiz-Mirazo)


Wallingford, CABI. 2018.


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