Annual Meeting 2016


Farm Woodlands: Education, Research and Policy


Tuesday 21st June - Thursday 23rd June


Ballyhaise Agricultural College, Co Cavan, Ireland


The conference was jointly organised by AFBI and Teagasc.

Jim McAdam

Nuala NiFhlatharta

Rory Lunny

Kevin O'Connell

Ian Short


Tuesday 21st June. Welcome from the Principal of Ballyhaise College, John Kelly.  Guest Address: Andrew Doyle TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for Forestry.   

Session 1.  Training and Education

Overview of Teagasc and AFBI role in agroforestry and farm woodlands.  Keven O'Connell (Ballyhaise College) and Jim McAdam (AFBI)

Forestry training at Ballyhaise College.  Marianne Lyons (Teagasc)

Fostering a forestry culture: an outline of Teagasc's forestry advisory, training and development programme.  John Casey (Teagasc)

Royal Forestry Society programme of training and short courses to support forestry.  Ted Wilson (RFS)


Session 2.  Management

What effect has buffer zone spacing on the growth of a cherry tree and willow bioenergy crop grown in close association in an alley coppice (AC) system.  Rory Lunny (Queens University Belfast)

Provisional remedial silviculture protocols for broadleaf stands.  Ian Short and Jerry Campion (Teagasc)


Session 3.  Agroforestry and Climate Change

Agroforestry - an option to mitigate GHG emissions in the European Union?  Gerry Lawson and Nathan de Baets

Contribution of hedgerows and agroforestry within the GHG accounting system in Northern Ireland.  Jonathan Blair, Rodrigo Olave, Erin Sherry and Alex Higgins

Assessing the externalities of silvoarable systems in Farm-SAFE.  Silvestre Garcia de Jalon, Anil Graves, Kristina J. Kaske, João Palma, Josep Crous-Duran and Paul Burgess


Session 4.  Policy and Knowledge Transfer

Policies to encourage trees on farms in the UK and Ireland: comparison of CAP (2014-2020) Pillar I and Pillar II measures.  Gerry Lawson, Eugene Curran, Jim McAdam, Mike Strachan, Tim Pagella, Terry Thomas and Jo Smith

The AGFORWARD project and stakeholder groups across north-west Europe.  Paul Burgess, Jo Smith, Jim McAdam, Silvestre Garcia de Jalon, Stephanie Aviron, Nathalie Corroyer, Regis Wartelle and Michael den Herder


Field Visit Reports: 
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