Annual Meeting 2009


New Futures for Farm Woodlands.


The meeting took place on Monday 22 June and Tuesday 23 June 2009.


The first day of our annual meeting was based at the new woodfuel-heated National Forest Youth Hostel in Derbyshire, England. 
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Programme for Monday 22 June

  • Practical experience of delivering new woodland opportunities. Clive Keble - National Forest Company abstract
  • Potential for ammonia abatement using agroforestry. Christine Braban - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh abstract
  • Farm woodlands and the potential for woodfuel. Ian Tubby - Co-director of the Biomass Energy Centre, Alice Holt abstract
  • The effects of woodfuel extraction on biodiversity. Keith Kirby - Natural England abstract
  • Multi-functional benefits of silvo-pastoral agroforestry in Central Queensland, Australia. Michael Stephens - National Association of Forest Industries, Australia abstract | presentation
  • Engaging farm woodland owners in the wood-chain - an innovative approach. Gabriel Hemery - Sylva Foundation, Oxfordshire abstract
  • Management of oak agroforestry systems for timber, livestock and seed production. Rodrigo Olave and Jim McAdam - Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Loughall, Northern Ireland abstract
  • Social barriers to and opportunities for the development of woodfuel production from farm woodlands: a review and preliminary research results.Norman Dandy, A. Lawrence and Jo Secker-Walker - Forest Research, Alice Holt abstract | presentation
  • How do farm woodlands contribute to Regional Woodland Strategies? Gerry Lawson - Chairman of Farm Woodland Forum; Tom Dutson - National School of Forestry, University of Cumbria abstract | presentation
  • Workshop on research needs related to farm woodlands. Gill Petrokofsky - Oxford University abstract

Field programme in the National Forest for Tuesday 23 June

  • Sourcing, harvesting and supplying woodfuel for the hostel.
  • Visit to two family-run businesses with 30-60 hectares of woodlands in the National Forest which are diversifying from mixed farming to landscape/woodland-based leisure and recreation.
  • Lunch
  • Reviewing the management of a 25 or 50 ha woodland holding with a farmer and the design agent.
  • Staunton Harold: a 140 ha Forestry Commission/National Forest Company site with extensive parkland and a 27 ha walnut woodland.

Photo of 2009 field visit Click on the image to see photos from the Field Visit

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