Annual Meeting 2006

The 20th Anniversary of the founding of the UK Agroforestry Forum


The Benefits of Farm Woodlands and Agroforestry in UK Lowlands.


Tuesday 27th June - Wednesday 28th June 2006.


The Northmoor Trust, Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire,

Programme - 2006

Five sessions of papers and a poster session were presented by speakers from the British Isles and France representing a broad range of research and educational institutions, consultants and charities. Abstracts and some full papers (PDF) are available online through the separate links for each paper.

  1. Farm woodlands and agroforestry in Europe:
    • The transition from farming to farm forestry in The National Forest. H.V. Williams (The National Forest Company).
    • Agroforestry in the UK - 20 years on. L.D. Incoll (University of Leeds).
    • A review of progress with silvopastoral systems in Ireland. JH. McAdam, G.M. Hoppé and I.J. Short (NIHPBS, Northern Ireland and Teagasc, Ireland).
    • Lowland agroforestry systems in France. F. Liagre (Agroof Développement, Anduze, France).
  2. Organic farming with trees:
    • Ecological farming systems - the real target for organic agroforestry. M.S. Wolfe (Elm Farm Research Centre and Wakelyns Agroforestry).
    • The need for organic farm forestry and the potential for organic timber. N.M. Pasiecznik (Agroforestry Enterprises, Cussy-en-Morvan, France).
  3. Hardwood improvement and timber quality:
    • Timber and wood quality from silvopastoral agroforestry and forestry systems in N.Ireland. G.M. Hoppé, A. Archim and J.H McAdam (NIHPBS, Northern Ireland and Forest Research).
    • Plans for blurring the boundaries on the Northmoor Trust estate: delivering forest products and forest habitats outside the woods. T. Curtis (Northmoor Trust).
    • The application of reflector-less laser technology for remote surveying of farmland trees. M.I. Malins (Wiltshire College-Lackham).
  4. Products from trees:
    • Preliminary investigations and reflections on the potential of nut production from walnut and chestnut in the UK. S.M. Newman and M.R. Crawford (BioDiversity International and Agroforestry Research Trust).
    • "Beef and chips" - environmentally friendly overwintering of cattle on woodchip pads. F.A. Agostini, J. A. Laws and KA. Smith (ADAS and IGER).
    • Muntjac and chips: Problems and opportunities for farm woods associated with alien deer and woodfuel heating. C. Stoate and A. Sheridan (The Game Conservancy Trust and Rural Energy Trust Ltd).
  5. Trees on farms from the stakeholders' viewpoint:
    • Funding for farm woodlands - EWGS and ES what do they offer? R. Isted (English Nature).
    • Policy Support for Agroforestry in the EU: Results from European E-Conference (May 2006) on farm woodlands in the new Rural Development Regulation (2007-2013). G. Lawson, P.J. Burgess, C. Dupraz, F. Liagre, G. Moreno and L.D. Incoll (NERC, Cranfield University, INRA-SYSTEM, Agroof Développement, Universidad de Extremadura and University of Leeds).
    • Farmer perception of benefits, constraints, and opportunities for silvoarable systems in Bedfordshire, England. A.R. Graves, P. J. Burgess, F. Liagre and C. Dupraz (Cranfield University, Agroof Développement and INRA-SYSTEM).
    • Local valuation of the ecosystem services of community woodlands. O. Agbenyega, P.J. Burgess and M. Cook (Cranfield University)
  6. Poster session:
    • Shaping protocols for Irish oak, ash, sycamore and beech. M. Bulfin, T. Radford and I.J. Short (Teagasc).
    • Chainsaw milling, an appropriate technology to increase benefits from on-farm trees. N.M. Pasiecznik and M.C.M. Brewer.
    • Productivity in silvoarable agroforestry. D.J. Pilbeam, L.D. Incoll, C. Wright, F.H. Reynolds, F. Agostini, P.J. Burgess, I. Seymour and C. Dupraz. (University of Leeds, Cranfield University and INRA-SYSTEM).

Field visits

After the final session of papers on the Wednesday morning, the Northmoor Trust arranged a visit to their field trial sites which included a demonstration of chainsaw milling by Mark Brewer.

To see photographs of the field visits, click on the picture.
Photo and link to more photos

Organised for the Farm Woodland Forum by

Biodiversity International and the Northmoor Trust.

Local Organisers

Prof. Steve Newman,
Biodiversity International Ltd.,


Dr L.D. Incoll,
the School of Biology,
University of Leeds.

Jo Clark,
Northmoor Trust,
Little Wittenham.
OX14 4RA


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