Silvopasturing in the Eastern Hardwood Forests of the US: Applicabilities to the UK

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Farm Woodland Forum International Webinar Series 2024, 1 of 4.


The Farm Woodland Forum is excited to announce their first international guest speaker for the 2024 FWF Webinar series. Webinars will run for 1:30 with the guest speaker presenting and taking questions, followed by a roundup of news from the countries: Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. There will be time for questions, and we will use the FWF network to take away and answer any outstanding queries there may be.  

We really hope you are able to make time for hearing about long established agroforestry systems from around the world.  


Title:Silvopasturing in the Eastern Hardwood Forests of the US: Applicabilities to the UK 

Farm woodlots have historically been used in the northeastern US for passively-managed “woodland grazing”, often to the detriment of the land, livestock and timber.  Silvopasturing, by contrast, utilizes intensive rotational grazing and other best management practices to optimize the co-production of multiple resources and services on the same land in a sustainable, synergistic and symbiotic manner.  On March 19th we’ll look at some common examples of both adding “trees to pasture” and “pasture to trees” to create quality silvopastures in the northeastern US and discuss the lessons that can be shared for those striving to do the same in other temperate humid regions.  


Speaker: Brett Chedzoy, Regional Extension Forester, Cornell University

Event Start Date: 
Tuesday, 19 March 2024 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

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