E-Conference 2006 - 2007

Theme: Policy Support for Agroforestry in the European Union
The first phase of this conference took place between 5th and 26th May, 2006.
A second phase of the e-conference will be held from 12th - 30th March 2007. It will allow sharing of information on the interpretation of the Pillar I (SFP eligibility) and Pillar II regulations (the Rural Development Regulation) in member states, in relation to the use of trees on farms.
If you didn't take part in the first phase and you wish to join the second phase you will need to register (join the list), see the link under the "Join the E-Conference" heading below
The e-mail based conference was initiated as Single Farm Payments were being introduced across the European Union. It also took place before the national implementation of the new Rural Development Regulation (2007-2013), which includes an Article (44) allowing payments for establishment of new agroforestry systems, and the possibility of new agro-environment and forest-environment payments.
The conference aimed to cover three topics.

  • Topic 1 considered Article 44 of the Rural Development Regulation (2007-2013) and asked if member states will use this opportunity to establish new areas of agroforestry.
  • Topic 2 considered the Single Farm Payment and whether member states would exclude areas with scattered tree cover from payment?
  • Topic 3 considered the links between agri-environment payments and the establishment of trees on farms.

Join the E-Conference
if you didn't participate in the first phase of the conference please register at the following address using the "Join or leave the list (or change your settings)" link:
Link to register for the e-conference
Conference Organisers:

  • Gerry Lawson,
  • Christian Dupraz,
  • Fabien Liagre,
  • Paul Burgess and
  • Gerardo Moreno

The Organisers have produced a synthesis for each of the topic areas. These are available on-line as PDF files via the appropriate links:

  • Liagre, F., Dupraz, C., Lawson, G., Papanastasis, V.P., Pilbeam, D.J., Schumann, F., Strachan, M., Thomas, T. and Waterhouse, A. (2006) Synthesis of Topic 1: Article 44 of the Rural Development Regulation (2007-2013) - will this opportunity to establish areas of new agroforestry be exploited by member states? Produced June 2006. France: Agroof Développement. Synthesis
  • Burgess, P.J., Dupraz, C., Incoll, L.D., Lawson, G., Liagre, F., Moreno, G., Palma, J., Papanastasis, V., McAdam, J., Sibbald, A. & Thomas, T. (2006). Synthesis to Topic 2: the Single Farm Payment - how are single farm payments affected by tree cover? Produced 15 June 2006. UK: Cranfield University. Synthesis
  • Moreno, G. (2006). Synthesis to Topic 3: agri-environment payments and the establishment of trees on farms - past and future? Produced June 2006. Spain: University of Extremadura. Synthesis

The conference is sponsored by:

the Farm Woodland Forum

the EU SAFE Project


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