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The Farm Woodland Forum aims to facilitate the generation and exchange of information that supports best practice in and improves opportunities for farming with trees. We are an informal group of about 220 people with a common interest in farming with trees in all its aspects. Until 2003, we were known as the UK Agroforestry Forum.


The Forum holds annual meetings at which there are presentations to describe the latest research, development and practice related to agroforestry and farming with trees. There are also field visits to sites of interest. To find out more about the meetings or the benefits of membership click on the relevant link on the left side.


Charity status was conferred on the Forum on 11 January 2005.


Silvopastoral system with sycamore Farm woodlands in the uplands Walkers rest in a grazed hazel wood Harvesting short-rotation coppice Farm woodland and an oilseed crop A picnic bench in a woodland area Timber from a farm woodland

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Student bursary for European Agroforestry Conference (23-25 May 2016)

If you are a UK/Irish-registered student and you have had a presentation or poster accepted at the Third European Agroforestry Conference, you are eligible to apply for a £400 bursary towards travel and conference fees. The successful student would be expected to write a report for the Farm Woodland Forum website.  Please can you send a copy of your abstract, a brief biography and a supporting letter from your Course Director or Supervisor to Jo Smith (jo.s@ORGANICRESEARCHCENTRE.COM) by Monday 25th April 2016. 


Farmer bursary for European Agroforestry Conference (24 -25 May 2016)

The Farm Woodland Forum Executive Committee has agreed to provide a grant for up to two UK/Irish farmers to attend the Third European Agroforestry Conference in southern France on Tuesday 24th May and Wednesday 25th May.  The grant will cover the registration fee for two days and £200 towards travel and accommodation.  If you are a farmer and you are interested in attending the conference, please can you send an email to Jo Smith (jo.s@ORGANICRESEARCHCENTRE.COM) by Monday 25th April 2016 outlining your interest in agroforestry and your willingness to participate in the "Farmers' Testimony" session on the morning of Wednesday 25th May.


Registered Charity Number: 1107576