2018 Annual Meeting of the Farm Woodland Forum


Trees and Livestock

The annual meeting of the Farm Woodland Forum was held at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Allerton Project, Loddington, Leicestershire, from 10th - 11th July. 
The meeting was organised by Chris Stoate (GWCT) and Jo Smith (ORC, Elm Farm).


Trees and Livestock (Chair: Jo Smith, ORC)

Lindsey Whistance (ORC).  Benefits of trees to animal welfare - a review.

William Considine (Nicharee Farm).  Transitioning to agroforestry at farm scale: my experience andl learnings after over a decade transitioning a typical Irish farm holding towards AF.

Jill Butler (Woodland Trust).  The importance of historic pollards for livestock.

Paul Burgess (Cranfield University). Lessons learnt for livestock agroforestry in the AGFORWARD project.

Hilary Ford (Bangor University).  How do hedgerows influence soil organic carbon in livestock grazed pastures?

Nicola Smith (National Sheep Association).  Short introduction to updated NSA/WT booklet - Role of trees in sheep farming.


Agroforestry in research, practice and development (Chair: Paul Burgess, Cranfield University)

Matthew Axe (Royal Agricultural University).  Utilising hedgerows for landscape scale carbon sequestration.

Ross Dickenson (Racedown Farm).  A coppiced hedge.

Tom Staton (University of Reading).  Functional biodiversity.

Tim Pagella (Bangor University).  MultiLand.

Ian Lane (Ian Lane Associates).  After thirty years of  UK agroforestry, are we barking up the wrong trees?


Agroforestry in practice (Chair: Tim Pagella, Bangor University)

Eugene Curran (Forestry Service).  Does timber production have a role to play in agroforestry?

What is needed to support greater adoption of agroforestry by farmers and land managers?

Sally Westaway (Organic Research Centre).  UK Agroforestry Network (AFINET) opportunities and barriers.

Helen Chesshire (Woodland Trust).  Overview of Woodland Trust funded agroforestry schemes.